By taking advantage of our experiences and good relations, to provide ever - increasing additional benefits to our World, Society, and Customers and of course to our Human Resources with a philosophy of constant change and development towards good and to obey the ethical values and further promote them

By constantly developing the management of ISG and Food Safety management and performances for the purposes of preventing worker injuries and health deteriorations, pollution, decreasing the consumption of natural resources and wastes in an ever-changing and developing norms with a concept of independent and sophisticated concept, also by keeping our responsibilities for society and environment in mind, by obeying the local regulations;  the company has adopted Integrated Management Systems as the principal policy to provide the services and products  which fully meet the expectations of our customers in the quickest and most efficient way;  to produce in a more productive, healthier,  more quality, more economic, more efficient and more innovative manner and to provide safe and canonically lawful nourishments to people. 

ERIS FLOUR MILLS, for conducting and developing the quality, ISG Canonically Lawful Integrated Management System which was established to realize these  purposes, providing the system with continuity, 

constantly bettering the activity and providing training for the staff for its full participation to its system